Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee

Functions & Responsibilities: To promote appropriate antimicrobial use among hospitals and health system within the state of Louisiana

  1. Provide a forum for continuing education related to antimicrobial stewardship
  2. Offer resources for the promotion and enhancement of antimicrobial stewardship activities
  3. Track and trend antimicrobial stewardship initiatives and antimicrobial resistance among participating hospitals in Louisiana

2017 Goals

  1. Host quarterly conference calls: Content may include educational presentations and discussions focused on the challenges and successes related to implementation of an antimicrobial stewardship program in hospitals and health systems
  2. Develop a webpage: Content may include a state-wide antibiogram for select organisms, links to resources, open forum areas for the exchange of questions and ideas, highlights of stewardship initiatives at specific hospitals, regulatory compliance for hospitals in LSHP (blinded), etc

Helpful Links and Resources

  1. Louisiana Antibiogram 2015
  2. Louisiana Antibiogram 2014
  3. Helpful resources

Upcoming Conference Calls

September 6th 1-2 pm

November 1st 1-2 pm

Please email Fancy Manton or Cynthia Nguyen if you'd like to be added to the call list-serv.

Committee Co-Chairs

Fatima Brakta, PharmD BCPS-AQ ID
University Medical Center New Orleans
New Orleans, LA
[email protected]

Kyana Stewart
New Orleans, LA
(352) 283-2813
[email protected]

George Nawas
Xavier University of Louisiana
New Orleans, LA
(504) 520-5295
[email protected]