Volunteer Opportunities

Have a little time? Have a lot of time? Use your talents to help LSHP grow, gain valuable experience, and maybe meet some new pharmacy friends! Here's some suggestions for volunteer opportunities, or contact the LSHP office if you have ideas of your own!

One Hour or Less

  • Talk to a fellow pharmacist for membership. Do you have a colleague/friend who works in health-system pharmacy and isn’t an LSHP member? Ask them to join you for a meeting or event so they can join the fun!
  • Review the LSHP website (www.lshp.org) and let us know what we could add/change to make it more useful. Email us at: [email protected]

One Day

  • Be a guest blogger or photographer at an LSHP meeting or event so people can keep up with what’s happening even if they can’t attend. This could be a chapter meeting/event or at our Midyear or Annual Meeting. The text/pictures will be shared on LSHP’s Facebook page (or Twitter/Instagram when available) and/or the LSHP newsletter as appropriate.
  • Interested in healthcare policy? Advocate for your profession by contacting your member of congress to support provider status legislation or other issues affecting our state. More info on federal issues and contact forms are available here: www.ashp.org/menu/advocacy and for issues specific to Louisiana, click here.

One Week

  • Member or facility spotlight – share your pharmacy experience/novel project/accomplishments via a small summary in the newsletter and/or featured on the LSHP Facebook page.
  • Do you have expertise in a specialty area, interest in a new drug, or experience related to a current “hot topic” in the pharmacy world? Share with your colleagues by writing a short article for the LSHP newsletter.

One Month

  • Prepare and present a continuing education presentation for your local chapter. It’s not as hard as it sounds! Every chapter has members who have experience and can help guide you through the process/paperwork. Contact your local chapter leadership for details.

One Year

  • Volunteer for a committee – opportunities/descriptions available at www.lshp.org
  • Help lead your local chapter – officer positions are available to serve as President, President-elect, Secretary, Treasurer. Nominations usually open in October/November; are voted on in December and position runs from Jan-Dec. Contact your local chapter for details!
  • Be a mentor for a pharmacy student and share valuable real-world experiences to future pharmacists. Contact the office ([email protected]) or click here for more information.